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Raising Our Expectations, Our Voices, and Our Level of Commitment

People rise to expectations, and at times also sink to them. More than paying empty lip service to something as abstract and indistinct as potential, it seems important to focus on access to opportunities for meeting expectations. To say we have high expectations of our children, leaders, or ourselves, without actually challenging them and/or us to meet high expectations feels inauthentic.

Our capacity often expands when challenged, and the satisfaction of having persevered emboldens us to take on the next task. So my expectation is that I'll show up and act. Simple, but not without its barriers.

Completing the education survey below (and a conversation initiated by Lana MacLean) led me to write to the leaders of organizations that serve Black learners in Nova Scotia to inquire about opportunities to gather more data specifically on African Nova Scotians. Our voices must be heard during this review of the entire system.

 If you have not completed the survey, please take this moment to do so. It only took me about 20 minutes (and that included making comments for almost every set of questions).

 I challenge you to do the survey and make sure someone you know does it as well. I arrived at the #BringBackOurGirls rally just as it was ending and rain was starting to pour heavily. I left wet and disappointed that I missed an opportunity to publicly demonstrate my concern for these missing girls. Don't miss your opportunity to demonstrate your concern for Black learners in this province. Responses are only accepted on the survey until Friday, June 13th.[/block]

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